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Welcome to the website of DRASCO and RIGHT AS RAIN™:

To respect a person, his individuality and right of privacy is equally important to us as any other aspect of our work.

If you wish to obtain further information, please contact us on:

DRASCO and RIGHT AS RAIN™ are trademarks of Francesco Mugnaini.


Even when using the following URLs, you will always be redirected to,,,,,,,,, This website is property of Francesco Mugnaini (holder) and is managed by the same. The company is based in: Piazza San Francesco 6, 52029 Castiglion Fibocchi - AR, Italy, VAT IT01996420517.

Regarding the access and use of, the following legal regulations for the data privacy protection apply. Francesco Mugnaini is legally bound to comply with these regulations regarding the treatment of personal data.

This privacy policy is according to the bill art. 13, n. 196 of 30th of June 2003, of the data protection act (Codice dulla Privacy).

The privacy policy specifies for the owner of the website, the treatment of collected personal data and defines in which area and to what extend personal data may be transmitted to a third party, what safety measures need to be respected and how the user can check that everything is handled according to the privacy policy.

The owner (of the website) is responsible for the treatment of personal data.

The owner, as well the responsible is Francesco Mugnaini, based in Piazza San Francesco 6, 52029 Castiglion Fibocchi - AR, Italy, VAT IT01996420517, e-mail:


Characteristics of collected data - application of personal data

By simply accessing the website, no personal data is being collected.

Usage of personal data regarding users only visiting the website, is limited to log-files, which are necessary the website for technical reasons to communicate with the respective informatics, e.g. IP-addresses, host name of the accessing computer and its operating system. Theses log- files will not be traced back to an individual person. However, with the right knowledge and intend, log-files theoretically can be accessed by a third party and traced back to its user. The owner, however, uses this data for the solely for statistical purposes and to monitor the website in order to guarantee faultless operating of the same. After analysing this data, it will be erased terminally. In case of abuse or fraud, this data may be conveyed to the authorities, if requested. That is an exception, however, and the owner is obligated to erase this data within a legal time limit.

Personal data which has ben transmitted to the owner voluntarily, or through a third party by means of the business activity, will be saved and used. This voluntarily transmitted personal data may have been necessary to access certain services of the website: e.g. to register a user, to sign-up for the newsletter, request for information via e-mail or postal communication. In any case, personal data will be handled according to Italian and European legislation.

With explicit approval of the user, the owner may use personal data to: e.g. send newsletters, e-mails, direct mailings, SMS, MMS, product information and news regarding services, products, sales, events, advertising campaigns as well as to inform about events the owner is taking part in, which he supports or invitations to the same.

At any point in time the user may withdraw his approval to the use of his personal data for promotional purposes via e-mail: each e-mail contains easy to follow instruction to cancel the subscription of promotional e-mails.

On every level of the website where personal data is collected, there is a direct link to access the privacy policy. We ask the user to read and understand it, to approve it in order to proceed navigating the site.

We ask the user to understand the privacy policy in regard to the use of personal data, especially in regard to the transmission of personal data to a third party.



Cookies are little text files, which are being saved on the users hard-drive. Cookies facilitate the use of the website, make it more effective and ease access for registered user to certain services. They are used for security purposes, statistical analysis and system administration. Cookies are saved in the temporary cache and will be erased once the browser is closed. Cookies do not contain executable code and therefore do not provide a potential point of entry into users’ computers for viruses or other malicious software. It is not possible for the owner to access the users‘ computer through the use of cookies.

It is impossible to access archived data of the users‘ computer, to save data or to monitor a user by the use of cookies.

All this is in regard to the users‘ computer and periphery.

Our website may contain links to other websites. The owner has no control or influence on the use of cookies or other technologies used by theses websites, nor has he any influence on their contents and functionalities and cannot be held liable. The owner asks all users to carefully read the respective privacy policy of each third party website. The present privacy policy is exclusively directed to


Modality of the handling of personal data

Personal data is mainly collected automatically and telematically in accordance with the present privacy policy. Personal data may be collected manually, without the use of electronic means. However, it will always be done in accordance to the law and use is limited to previously defined purposes.

Severe security measures will be applied to guarantee that personal data will not be damaged, lost or accessible to a third party.


Communications - who will use your personal data

The owner solely uses personal data in accordance with the privacy policy and according to your approval. 

Personal data may be viewed by our employees according to the present privacy policy.

Personal data may be transmitted to collaborators and operators for logistical, technical or organisational purposes, alway in accordance with the law and the present privacy policy.

Personal data may be transmitted to co-contractors responsible for the execution of an order. Co-contractors are chosen according to their professionalism, trustworthiness and experience. They are obliged to treat personal data according to this privacy policy.

Presently, the following co-contractors have access to personal data:

  • BRT corriere espresso (shipping).
  • Shopify Inc. and its partners (website).

All the above oblige to the privacy policy and declare to handle personal data in a responsible manner and only for a pre-defined purpose. Each co-contractor only receives the part of the personal data necessary for the execution of his service. It is explicitly stated that no personal data may be handed to a third party. Personal data is exclusively used to process orders and in connection with services offered on this website, always in accordance with the present privacy policy.

To keep our data base up to date, we would kindly ask you to communicate any change of your personal data via e-mail:

If required and ordered, personal data may be handed over to the authorities for investigation in case of fraud or abuse.

It may happen that the owner gets access to personal data of a third party via another user; e.g. if a user buys a product for a friend and the billing address differs from the delivery address, or when a user communicates our website and its services & products to a third party.

In all the above cases, please make sure the third party agrees to having its personal data transmitted to us and is aware of our privacy policy: when transmitting data of a third party - according to the privacy policy -  only you, the user, can be held responsible. In the case of disagreement, the owner is obliged by law to trace back through whom the data has been transmitted and ask for permission to archive the personal data.


Declaration of personal data

With the exception of log-files and as already described in this privacy policy, the inscription of personal data is necessary to access certain services of this website, register as a user, receive informational material and to communicate with the owner. The declaration of personal data may be necessary for legal investigation.


Legitimate handling of personal data

The declaration of your personal data as address, e-mail address, credit card information, bank coordinates and telephone numbers are necessary to make use of the services offered and for us to execute them.

In case you wish not to declare your personal data, buying products on will not be possible and is not legitimate. However, not wanting to declare personal data may be justified in case a business transaction is not desired anymore.

The declaration of facultative personal data has no influence on your business transaction. Normally, the owner explains what area the obligatory as well as the facultative personal data is being used for. Not declaring facultative personal data has no drawbacks.


Right of the user

Even a non-registered user may ask if his personal data has been archived, and if so, to may see them. He also has the right to ask for their origin, purpose and treatment of the personal data, how it was collected, which electronic program was used, personnel data of the owner and of those responsible for the handling of the data. These informations can be seen in the privacy policy.

If you should require information or assistance, please contact us on:

At any point in time you may ask the owner:

  1. to update, correct or integrate your personal data.
  2. to erase and cancel your personal data, if used unlawful or it use exceeded the predefined purpose.
  3. for proof of your requested changes, or to whom data was transmitted - all if within a legitimate boundary for the owner.
  4. You have got the right to limit or prohibit the use of your personal data:
  5. for legitimate reason concerning the treatment and collection of your personal data.
  6. in respect to receiving customer information material, advertising or marketing material and  consumer surveys.

For legitimate reasons you may make use of your rights at any time. Please contact us on


Safety measures

We take great care and precautions to minimize the risk of damage or loss of your personal data.

For the protection of your personal data which is not in the hands of the owner, we would advise you that your computer is adequately fitted with up to date anti-virus software, firewall and an anti-spam filter.


Links to other websites

This website offers links to other websites, which do not have a direct connection to The owner does not monitor those websites or their respective content. He is not responsible for contents or can be held liable for the treatment of personal data according to the data protection act on these third party websites. If you visit linked websites, please do consult their respective privacy policies. Even if links to other websites are presented on, the present privacy policy  and conditions of usage do only and explicitly apply to this very website. Links to other websites have the sole purpose to facilitate web research. The presence of a link to another website is neither a recommendation, nor a suggestion on the part of the owner and he does not take any responsibility for the content, services or products offered on those websites.



If you would like further information regarding the use and treatment of personal data, do not hesitate to contact us:

In order to be up to date concerning the personal data protection act, we suggest you visit the official website of the controlling institution:


Applicable Law

The present privacy policy is in accordance with the Italian legislation on the personal data protection act (bill n. 196 of 30th of June, 2003)

This bill regulates the use of personal data and protects against abuse in respect to fundamental freedom, human dignity, identity and the right of protection of personal data


Changes and updates

The present privacy policy of may be subject to change and updates, at a whole or in parts, depending on changes in the legislation, which protects your and our rights. Changes and updates apply immediately when published on our website. We would kindly ask you to check regularly for update in our privacy policy on

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